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Our purpose

Growing up in the beautiful island of Rhodes in Greece, things were simple. Or so I thought they would be. Ever since my early days in school, I have had a feeling deep inside that my life’s purpose is to save someone else’s. I am extremely lucky to have grown up without missing a single materialistic thing. I am also blessed to have learned early on what pain is. I am thankful beyond words can describe, to every single person who has played a part in the molding process of my character. I am also specifically grateful for my mother’s support through the years.

Time passed from these early days and at 17 years old in one of my weakest moments, a suicidal attempt. No real solution was found so at 22 years old, a second attempt. Other events such as one of my best friend’s death, parents’ separation and some I am unable to disclose forced me to take action, because literature suggested that if a third attempt was to be made, you usually strike out.

Through reflection and hard work, I eliminated mental obstacles and got free from negative anchors created during my earlier years. This newfound clarity enabled me to invest even more in my personal growth and development. In 2016, I had to decide losing my home, friends, family, lifestyle, hobbies, house, dogs & “10 lifetime years” or my integrity. Even though it was a difficult decision to make, there wasn’t really any choice to begin with. I believe if anyone ever gives up their core, they will be lost forever.

Some events have been excluded for the sake of readability, as there is already enough drama. All of these are of minor importance compared to the difficulties most people face in their lifetime. I feel extremely fortunate and appreciative to be here, and I owe my energy to contribute to something worthwhile.

Then I went through a simple logical thinking process:

What gives me the maximum amount of satisfaction?

To help others, to contribute, especially to those in more need; those who lack what most of us take for granted.

But what can you offer?

You can only provide what you have, which is not nearly enough.

How can you improve that?

You need to acquire more funds.

How can you acquire funds without sacrificing your core?

By offering something of value with integrity, honesty and directness.

What area are you most experienced in, that you feel you can do so well?

Musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapy because I find it fun and interesting, plus my personal experience recovering from 37 fractures, 4 surgeries and 1 dislocation.

How can you combine all these and bring something into fruition while maximizing the alignment with your core?

By helping patients to have quick access from the comfort of their homes to professional support, guidance and information while providing the right tools to colleagues to access those patients.

So, in pursuit of my dream, I traded many daily joys hoping it will help me achieve my humanitarian goal.

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